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Aerobics is a cardiovascular workout that improves coordination, muscle strength and mobility. It also improves your physiological and functional capacities, promoting general well-being. Aerobics provides a whole host of health benefits: it burns calories; reduces the risk of cardiac diseases by lowering blood pressure; improves aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility and mobility; improves muscular strength, posture and body performance in all age groups; reduces stress and increases self-esteem by helping with weight management.

On the one hand, it's a modern form of total body exercise. On the other hand, it's a motivating form of exercise that is social and fun. Classes offered: Cardio, Step Aerobics, Fatburner, Latino Sweat, Weights for Weight Loss, Total Body Conditioning


Pilates is an exercise program or series of exercises (designed by Joseph Pilaties back in 1920's) which are focused on building strength without building muscle mass, and building mental with physical fitness. Pilate exercises are meant to give stress on controlled movement in conjunction with correct form, and are supposed to engage the mind as well as the body.

Pilates can be performed by everyone young, old, strong, weak, flexible, inflexible sedentary or athletic. It has shown to be beneficial in rehabilitation from injury, and is therefore often recommended by physical therapists and doctors. Benefits of pilates include increased flexibility in the body, leaner muscles, improved posture and improved coordination which all leads to increased strength

Drums Alive

Enter a new dimension of and experience the pulsating rhythms, dynamic movements and powerful percussion of this new and unique high-energy dance rhythmical class: Drums Alive® will combine traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythms of the drums. It is a program for everyone. Drums Alive® is a workout for the entire body as well as a powerful tool for stress reduction and mental balance. Break the rules, open the door and enter the new dimension of fitness.

The goal of Drums Alive® is to improve lives physically and psychologically through a unique sensory-motor drumming program involving drum sticks, an exercise ball, and music. The primary goal of the Drums Alive® program is creating a "whole mind, whole body" experience for all participating.

Watch a video of a Drums Alive class.

Mental Balance / Zen Gym

New Rebalancing Concept using elements of Thai Chi, Zen Gymnastics, Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.

Using all our senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling physically, feeling emotionally) IS simply meditating. It calms the nervous system, brings your awareness in the present and allows you to take a break from the stress of your daily life.

You will learn relaxation and meditation techniques that you can use to focus on yourself and calm down whenever you need it throughout the day.

Personal Training

All the above teachings can be offered as Personal Training. Please contact me and we will tailor sessions to your own specific needs.

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