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Journey® Therapy

Adventure in Your Heart!

We uncover in a playful way any memories that may be blocking your child from being the happier, healthier child you feel they should be.

Together we find your child’s inner resources to regain their self-confidence and make them shine again.

Journey processes for kids are short, light and yet very effective.

Journey Therapy



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Drums Alive - Kids Beat

Drums Alive - Kids Beat combines simple dynamic movements with pulsating rhythms of the drum. Kids learn movement, rhythm, and concentration, in addition to integral stimulation. 

Drumming is fun for children. Endorphins are released and negative moods are

driven away. When kids are drumming they are fully concentrated. All their attention

is focused on the drumming and the rhythm. Drumming increases alpha-brainwave amplitude, this is associated with a sense of well-being and euphoria. When kids beat, the vibration from the drums and their energy creates an experience of a sense of vitality, togetherness and complete harmony.

Drumming has a harmonising effect on body and soul. Hyperactive children, whose numbers keep increasing, find peace when beating the drums playfully. The steady rhythms have a calming effect on the body, mind and soul. At the same time, the children experience an intensive form of creative community. Drumming helps build confidence. Kids Beats reduces inhibiting factors, awakes hidden powers, and

increases abilities. In stronger children emotional and power drumming can help to

control aggression and express aggression in more appropriate ways. The shared joy and creativity strengthen social competence and group feeling.

Drums Alive – Kids Beats works with the children’s spontaneous need to move

along with their natural relationship to music. By experimenting with movements and

rhythm their imagination and enthusiasm flourishes. This in turn allows children to

communicate and express their feelings on a different level. The use of music,

movement and rhythm increases total learning. It allows for a higher level of input

and integration of the senses. This in turn produces “whole mind” - “whole body” learning.  

What do we need for Drums Alive – Kids Beats?

Stability Ball

In the beginning of Kids-Beats the children are allowed to explore and experience the

new medium of the ball. Guided exploration helps create the environment for the rest

of the class yet allows time for the children to be creative. After a few minutes we

gather in a circle and sit on the „stability balls” where we practice clapping rhythms

with our hands, on the balls and on the floor. We use simple nursery rhymes to

provide a cognitive element for the children.

Drum Sticks

The drum sticks tempt the children to create many different sounds and rhythms. We

beat at different speeds and tempos which can later be transferred into movement.

Many musical exercises for coordination and memory are created this way.

Ball Holders

The ball holders are used to fixate the balls on the floor as well as stimulate all kinds

of creative play.


Suitable music should be played that will cultivate and enhances the children’s

awareness for multi-cultural music and rhythms.

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Drums Alive - Kids Beats Check our schedule here

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