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Nutrition Goals

get more energized
loose weight and keep it off
increase your metabolism
have a good digestion
tone your body
sleep better
feel healthier
feel happier
learn more about yourself
get a long-lasting change of healthy habits


Try to eliminate foods containing chemicals; make real foods the majority of your menus

Try to eliminate caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, chocolate)

Try to eliminate refined sugar in any form and limit unrefined sweeteners

Try to eliminate red meat; eat free-range/organic poultry and fish from unpolluted waters. Experiment with vegetarian dishes

Try to eliminate dairy and use substitutes instead

Try to get your fats from whole foods (fish, nuts, olives, avocados, etc.) Use cold-pressed vegetable oils and margarine

Take every opportunity to exercise, at least 2-3 times a week (one hour of aerobic and strength training)

Try to get enough sleep to restore your energy

Your overall health and vitality depend greatly on the health of your liver. It is not just important for digestion and detoxification, but also for weight loss. Drugs, alcohol, fatty foods and environmental toxins can overload you liver. When it is overworked it will force the body’s other detoxifying agents (your kidneys, adrenals, skin and lymphatic system) to work overtime. This can cause rash, acne, bloating, yeast imbalances, PMS, constipation and weight gain.

Lemon juice in the morning: it stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice as well as the liver to produce bile to digest the day’s foods

Lemon juice in any meal lowers the impact of the food on your blood sugar and contains

  • - pectin: a great source of fibre, keeps you satisfied longer after a meal

  • - vitamin C: boosts your system and helps fat burning

  • - quercetin: a powerful antioxidant and immune booster

  • - calcium: helps the body absorb calcium as well as breaking down fat

  • - limonene in the skin: has health boosting and weight loss qualities, protects your from cancer

Don’t get hungry, always carry healthy snacks with you

Food Planner

Make a FOOD PLANNER and get some good HABITS in your Life

put together some ideas of meals you will have this week to be able to plan your shopping list.

try some new recipes, try some new vegetables, cook light and remember to shop for the snacks

put together 5 weeks of planning and rotate

write down your goals and new habits

Pilates this week - cette semaine

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