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Pilates & Personal Training

"Danielle combines all of her knowledge and expertise in each session! Working with her as a personal trainer is not only about your body- but also about your soul! You finish every session- feeling good and loose inside and out!Couldn't have a better experience- trying to loose weight and tone up!" Hadas Hecht

"Danielle is a very enthusiastic and fun instructor.

She is very professional and extremely knowledgable about anatomy.

If you would have an injury, Danielle would tell you what exercise you can do and which one you shouldn't do.

For a beginner she explains very well and understandable what the goal and set up for the exercise is.

Danielle makes sure that you feel save and supports you in a very positive way, if some exercises seem a little difficult.

She greatly tries to encourage you to try your very best...

Danielle has a great overview of the whole class. She makes sure to look at every body.

I always left her classes, feeling great and thinking I achieved something.

Her classes are always a good laugh!!!

I can highly recommend Danielle as an instructor!!!"

Julia Owens, Hong Kong

Life Coaching & The Journey®

“Danielle's warm and friendly voice guides you to the place within yourself where the key for the solution of your personal problem is hidden. I can highly recommend this experience...” Doris

"Danielle's expertise and gentle nurturing enabled me to have a very powerful journey process. Her techniques helped me handle some delicate moments throughout the process. I highly recommend working with this wonderful lady. " Angie

“Danielle guided me into myself to help me to understand some pain I had for many years due to difficult relations with my parents. After 2 sessions of “The Journey”, I felt like I did manage to let go some anger I had for many years.” Florence

“Its been a very interesting process. My head obsessed for 2 weeks and has quietened. I also get angry but it is not from a deep pit that it use to be from. So amazing. I try to feel/experience the anger and then let go. It really has been amazing. The anger is the core for me from the helplessness I have felt all my life and had traumatic stress symptoms/nightmares all my life. Amazing." Maria

“I had 3 Journey sessions with Danielle. All three were very different and at the same time very similar in terms of how surprising and deep were discoveries I have made about myself. Danielle took me through the process very gently and at the same time very efficiently. She uses her voice as a magical toll to make you relax and focus at the same time. I recommend Danielle to everybody who is seeking deeper sense of learning on the journey of personal awareness and healing.” Anna Lorant, Life and Executive Coach,

"This Journey did not change my life but it did change the way to manage my different sorts of emotions, particularly my angers and tensions. In the Journey I realized some of the trauma in my life would affect my emotional reactions nowadays. The wounds are still there, but the Journey helps me to build up a shelter to protect my wounded mind. Now I can feel the angers and tensions come and go but they won't stay with me for a long time. My husband also feels the change, this is the great part. I appreciate my Journey Coach to guide me such experience." Chris Chao (6 sessions)  

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