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Pilates, also called "contrology", is a form of gymnastics which aims to strengthen the deepest muscles and to provide flexibility of the body through physical exercise routines.The exercises are accompanied by breathing, allowing you to consciously relax the body parts that are tense. This requires concentration, bringing you into the present moment. As you become competent in your routine, you can work with precision and flow. Like a meditation in movement.

The principles that guide your sessions: Alignment, Concentration, Flexibility, Precision, Fluidity of Movement and Breathing.

You like challenges and aspire to more variations? We will challenge you with balls, bands, Power Circles, Foam Rollers and weights, and have set up various weekly themes to keep you motivated: Strong upper body, Posture and Alignment , Pilates with small ball, Fascia fitness and massage, Stretch and Strengthen, Hip Stability, Back and Abs.

Each exercise strengthens your deepest muscles, makes you more flexible while creating force and stability in your core to shape your body.

Les principes qui guident vos scéances: Alignement, Concentration, Flexibilité, Précision, Fluidité des mouvements et Respiration.

Vous aimez les défis et aspirez à plus de variations? Nous vous challengerons avec des balles, des bandes, le Power Circle, le Foam Roller et les poids, en cours de groupe et avons mis en place des thèmes de la semaine pour que vous gardiez votre motivation: Haut du Corps, Posture et Alignement, Pilates avec petite balle, Fascia fitness et massage, Stretch et Renforcement, Stabilité des Hanches, Dos et Abdos.

Chaque exercice renforce vos muscles les plus profonds, vous rend plus flexible tout en créant force et stabilité en votre centre pour modeler votre corps.

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